Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself

If you know me,you’ll know that I ask these types of questions of every stranger I meet. I always feel the pressure to “keep the conversation going” . I guess I’m a social butterfly in that regard. I just don’t care for idle chit-chat. If I’m going to get to know you, I’m going to get to know you.

1). When was your first kiss and whom did you share it with? Mine was with a boy named Eric and it was utterly awkward. I was 10 and we were pressured by friends to use our tongues. My mouth felt as if it were being cleaned by a pool scraping net.

2). What’s your greatest adventure to date? I’ve been to a lot of places in the states but my only abroad adventure was in Ecuador. The men hissed like snakes instead of whistling at women and the filthy water supply had created numerous physical mutations that were above and beyond any homeless beggars disadvantages I’d seen in the states. It wasn’t uncommon to see a full amputee begging for food or money in the midst of gorgeous, indigenous roses blooming around them. I stayed at a very nice hotel in the heart of Guayaquil and dined on Sole in the evenings and fresh, white pineapple in the mornings. I danced in the city square with a handsome Ecuadorian boy.

3). What’s your favorite childhood memory? I have two and both are centered around my mother and the color yellow. On my eleventh birthday, I was new to the state of Montana and too far away from my home state of Texas.  She had 11 long-stemmed yellow roses sent to my classroom for everyone to see. The yellow was symbolic of “the yellow rose of Texas” and I thought it was so special that she had the florist leave out the 12th rose in honor of my new age. I was around 15 when my other best memory occurred. My father was conducting business at our home and commanded us to make ourselves scarce. Mama and I curled up in my freshly painted green bedroom and watched SNL while eating popcorn and Hershey bars. My t.v. set was yellow but the screen was black and white. It was a thrift shop find. I loved sharing laughs with her as we watched “inappropriate humor”.

4). Where is your dream vacation destination? Trust me, I will take any free vacation to almost anywhere! If it’s my own money I’d have to say that Greece is at the top of my list. I love the contrast of ivory white against navy blue seas and I love how connected the culture is to it’s roots.

5). Which 10 items would you bring with you if stranded on an island? The question is usually three but it’s so hard to pick just three things! Assuming that Derek and my dog would be with me, here’s my list: A boiling pot for fresh water, a lifetime supply of soap, a spear, a fishing pole, endless tampons (let’s get real ladies), Jane Austen books, pen and paper, photos of my family, a sleeping bag, last but not least…a working boat to get off of the freaking Island! It’s cheating (I know) but let’s just soak up the sun and”rough it” for a little while before returning home and ordering a properly prepared sushi dinner!

I would love to hear your answers to these questions. Feel free to copy, cut and answer them yourselves!

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