Funny Dog


Lucy Valentine smiles when she’s nervous and/or excited. We know this and take full (guilty) advantage of her little mutt quirk. Sometimes we’ll walk through the front door and say “Lucy, what’d you do” in stern voices just to evoke that precious grin. She’s never done anything. She’s a good girl and I honestly believe that I could leave a plate of bacon within mouth’s reach for hours and find it untouched by her doggy tongue. *This theory is untested because bacon is awesome and I’d hate to make her suffer with the intoxicating aroma*. That’s just animal cruelty! 

During feeding time, she’s often prompted to smile. She can barely contain herself as she hoists her short little body in to an upright position and flashes her pearly whites. She knows about five tricks and goes in to doggy overdrive as she ‘hides her face’, grunts ‘I love you’ and grins. She’s just so excited! Once she completes her commands (kind of) I drop the food in her bowl and she waits to eat it until I say “Okay!”. I usually jump in the shower right after and have walked out to find her lying beside her full bowl on numerous occasions. I hadn’t said “Okay” loud enough. She’s such a polite girl.

Until today, I’d never seen her smile out of sheer contentment. In the past week my schedule with Derek has increasingly overlapped. He’s now home when I’m home for most of the day and Lucy’s gotten more time with us (together) than ever before. Her happiness level has significantly increased and it makes us happy to have her head in our laps as we stroke her ears. They feel like velvet. As we watched Netflix on the couch today, she lied belly-up with her head on Derek’s feet. My feet anchored her hind quarters. It looked so uncomfortable but she was content and soon dozed off with the above grin spread across her face. She loves her people and we love her. Thank goodness for mutts.

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