Crazy Dreams Volume 1


I’ve really got to start keeping a dream journal. I’m always impressed by how wacky and vivid my dreams are. I enjoy them so much (usually) that it makes it super hard to leave dream land and enter the land of the living. If only my life were as interesting as my dreams!

This morning, right before I cursed out my alarm clock for interrupting my imagination, I was happily dreaming of a pet squirrel. He was driving a little race car and grinning from ear to ear when he lost control and sent his vehicle rolling down a series of steps. I rushed to his rigid little squirrel body and searched for a sign of life. His limbs were stretched out and his eyes began blinking wildly. Not sure what to do, I tucked him in to a heart shaped box and rushed him to the squirrel emergency room. As he was being revived, I was being jarred awake by my chiming alarm clock. The reunion was postponed by the reality of my morning routine but I’m confident that he made a full recovery.

Fun Fact: I’m actually terrified of squirrels. My mother once had one land on her leg and stick to it as she was modeling her new Birthday “Mama Pajamas”. It was a little too “Griswold” for me and I’ve never fully recovered from the horror. I will actually cross the street if a beady-eyed squirrel gets too “up in my business”.

Not As Fun Fact: My Grandpa loved squirrel meat and would use any opportunity to try to convince us squeamish girls that an ordinary chicken dinner was in fact the protein of a bushy-tailed rodent. Not cool Pappaw!

Please share your crazy dreams. I love to hear other’s stories!

I’ll do my best to journal and update often. 

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