Love In The Middle Of The Night (not like that)

I’ve written some flowery blogs entitled “The Love Of My Life”. I do love the guy! He’s funny, he’s caring and he (usually) gets me. I don’t want to be misleading and act as if everything ‘comes up roses’ all of the time. It certainly does not. When we fight, we fight. Afterwards, I usually lock myself in the bedroom and sulk, just hoping that he’ll eventually come in and tell me that I was 100% right and he was 100% wrong. Unfortunately, I’m no ‘Princess Buttercup’  from “The Princess Bride” and he is not ‘Prince Wesley’ uttering the words “as you wish” in times of friction. We usually just fess up to our own faults and agree to agree or disagree. Then we go grab a taco or something. 90% percent of our fights start because we’re hungry and grumpy!

I cracked up last night. It was around 2 a.m. and we had both kind of woken up at the same time.I was feeling lovey-dovey so I reached for his hand. What I got in return was a dead-fish grasp through the blanket he was papoosed in. Annoyed, I barked ‘not good enough’ and he untangled his hand from the blanket and intertwined his fingers with mine.I smiled and then laughed out loud at my reaction for the next five minutes until I nodded off to sleep again.

Two hours later, I awoke to find that he was taking up two thirds of the bed. The covers were hogged and his knee cap was getting a little too cozy with my butt. I  groggily and (lovingly) said “get off my shit!”. He chuckled a little and then rolled back over to his side as I adjusted the covers. 

Love is not perfect. Living with someone is less than ideal sometimes but it’s worth the effort when you have someone who is willing to accept your flaws. I highly recommend accepting their flaws and laughing at stupid stuff whenever you can. I also recommend a king sized bed or California king. As it stands, we’re sharing sleep on a queen sized mattress. 

Go eat a taco!


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