NC State Fair Photo


Every year, I look forward to the North Carolina State Fair. 

I’m not in it for the fried foods, the rides or the games. What’s left? You might be asking yourself this question and it’s a valid one. Let me explain.

To me the fair is an opportunity for people watching. We happily pay the admission fee and then the game of “count the mullets” begins. I don’t trust “street meat”, much less “fair meat” but look forward to and savor a charred ear of golden, buttery corn on the cob. I will not get strapped in to a ride that is operated by a meth-head carnie or be bamboozled in to vying for a bed-bug-riddled plush animal through rigged games.

I attend the fair to take photos, warm myself with cider as I watch the blacksmiths at work in the “village of yesteryear” and eat a bag of hot hush puppies as I tour the Hush Puppy Mill.

As a couple, Derek and I rarely spend more than $40 total while taking in the festivities. My mouth never writes a check that my stomach can’t cash and no stomach was meant to endure the aftermath of deep fried donut burgers with chili. Come on!

There’s beauty from the ground and while I might not be willing to take the ride, I enjoy capturing the moment.



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