I’ve been a bit remiss in living up to the description of my blog. According to my description, it’s supposed to contain 
“photos,thoughts,recipes and blunders”. So far, all I’ve covered are thoughts and so many blunders are intertwined in my stories! 

I’ll eventually get to recipes but today, I’m focusing on photos.

I love the sea and I’m terrified of it at the same time. Besides Sharks, Jellyfish are my greatest oceanic fear. I attribute this fear to two things: 1). While on vacation in Padre Island, TX.  as a child, my older sister Laura came barrelling out of the tranquil waves like an 11 year old posessed. She was a tough athlete who’d had many broken bones. I had never seen her shed a tear until that day. As the pain of a Jellyfish sting radiated through her body, she wept uncontrollably and looked like a child for the first time to her adoring baby sister. 2). Monica of “Friends” got peed on while wincing in Jellyfish induced pain. 

These two instances are my basis for fear of these gelatinous creatures but I believe the fear holds water. *Pun absolutely and almost unabashedly intended*

Lucky for me, the above shot was captured while looking in to a very safe, very enclosed tank at an Aquarium.


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