Summer Bucket List 2014

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I’m a Summer girl who’s been cold since October. Most of the country has been shivering during one of the most brutal Winters on record. I’m ready to be bronzed while sipping a contraband Margarita on a beach. Tip: if alcohol is prohibited at your local beach…mix your desired adult bevarage, pour in to ziploc bags and freeze. Remember to pack straws in the cooler and prepare to be refreshed!
Here’s my 2014 Summer Bucket List:
1).Stand-up paddle boarding:During the Summer months, husfriend and I log a lot of kayaking hours. I love to race! I love the idea of stand-up paddle boarding because it involves the use of your core and looks so zen.
2). Observing and hopefully petting wild ponies: I’ve lived in the great state of NC for over a decade and have enjoyed the fact that a trip to our beautiful coast is only an hour and a half’s drive away. If we double that drive time, we’ll be in the famed Outer Banks which receive daily visits from wild beach Mustangs. I think it’s worth the extra hour of travel.
3). Deep sea fishing: I’ve been once but all I caught was a nasty case of orange sun-streaked hair due to the “Sun-In” I spritzed generously in to my brunette locks. I dream of reeling in a Blue Fin Tuna and using it to prepare fresh Avocado rolls. Yum!
4). Beach bonfire: One word-ROMANTIC!
5). Sea Turtle Time: NC does an amazing job of protecting Sea Turtle nests and if you’re lucky, you’re able to witness hundreds-thousands of Sea Turtles riding the waves on to shore to hatch their little Turtlettes. If you’re more lucky, you’ll get to witness these hatchlings venturing to the ocean for the first time on their shaky,newborn Turtle legs. I get teary-eyed when I view videos on Youtube. I hope to witness it first hand.

What’s your Summer Bucket List???

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