The Love Of My Life Part 2

As I write this, Derek is snoring. He’s sawing some serious logs and our mutt who lives in his shadow and sleeps at his side is sawing logs of her own. This used to drive me CRAZY and I’d be lying if I said I don’t give him a good nudge to the ribs every now and then in the form of a a sleepy ‘cease and desist’ order. The noise irritates me a little but I prefer it to silence. If I wake up in the night and don’t hear him snoring, I mildly panic and press my ear to his chest. A thunderous snort verifies that he’s alive and well and I smile at the sound of life as I am lulled back to sleep by a cacophony of sounds created by my most beloved human and dog.

He’s fallen asleep with his glasses on again. I will remove them and place them on the nightstand before I go to bed. He’ll never know that he didn’t remove them himself. It’s such a tiny thing but on my part; it’s one final act of love as the day draws to an end.

He hugged me this morning as he left for work as I was getting my hard boiled egg and coffee breakfast ready. He’s nearly a foot taller than me and as I nesteld my head in to his armpit, his Old Spice deodorant imprinted it’s lingering scent on my skin. I hoped to wash it away in the shower but traces of it remained. I found myself breathing in his scent in the midst of my busy morning and being soothed by it.

He can’t stand it if I have a bad day and always takes my side. Sometimes, my side is just my side. We all have our own versions of reality and are subjected to minor injustices on a daily basis. He’s always in my corner.

He will always fight the good fight for me, will always defend my honor and will always hurt for my hurts. He is human. He makes mistakes.I make mistakes and am often surprised by how quick to anger I get over mundane things. 

In the end, I love him when he’s consumed too much espresso and talks a mile a minute. In the end, he loves me when I dance and sing off key to a 90’s R&B song… “No Diggity, I’d Like To Bag It Up”. 

We’re aging dorks in love. He often looks at me and says “Hey dumbshit, I love you”. I respond “I love you too dumbshit”.

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