Aging In To Relationships

Facebook just told me it’s my Anniversary. Facebook just told me; It’s my ANNIVERSARY! 

The day passed and the norm was discussed but it did not dawn on either of us that flowers, cards and extra kisses were to be exchanged. Truth be told: our anniversary is kind of made up. Neither of us were able to pinpoint the exact day of our first date but it happened about a week after my 26th Birthday, so we settled on the 26th of March. By the time the 26th of March rolls around I’m usually “stocked up” in the way of flower bouquets and treats due to Valentine’s Day and my Birthday. Our relationship is not perfect but Derek goes out of his way to pick flowers or purchase and surprise me with them throughout the year. 

I always know he loves me even when we drive each other up the wall. I prefer to not trip over his shoes and have the toothpaste squeezed from the bottom and he prefers to not be strangled by my heating pad cord at night and to at least have half of the covers.We’re both a work in progress.

This is not the first year that we’ve overlooked our anniversary. If either or both of us were saddened by it, it might be an issue. We’re not. I see an opportunity here. I propose that we put any extra ‘anniversary money’  towards a trip or a mutual goal. Cologne, perfume, flowers, candy and cards are nice gestures but I think we’d both prefer to squirrel it away and apply it towards actual time together…on a beach.

How do you spend your Anniversary? What would you prefer to apply that money towards?

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