You might say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

I’ve always dreamt vividly, violently and in color. While sleeping my mind seems to imagine hues that my eyes have never seen. Color dreamers make up the vast majority of the population but is seems to me that dreams rarely come up in conversation. When they do, it seems almost taboo. I’m not a mystic, I’m not religious and I do not own a crystal ball. I admit that I have a slight proclivity towards wearing a head scarf and I enjoy a warm mug of sleepytime tea occasionally. I don’t own actual tea leaves and if I was ever tempted to read anyone’s fortune, it would be my own. 

That being said; I can’t dispell dreams or their messages. As a former member of the Christian church I was taught to believe that dreams were weighted in value but only if interpreted by a “bathed in the Blood of Christ” co-member. I slowly moved away from the church as I found gaping holes, improprieties and a general defiance in accepting or even acknowledging opposing beliefs. Honestly, my one true regret in life is forcing my views on other people “In the name of Jesus”. I thought I knew the answers and it was a ‘sin’ to not share my beliefs with the world. I left the church disgraced but have continued to feel “connected” to something other than myself.

Here’s an opinion: we’re human but we’re animals. I believe that there’s a physiological force that intrinsically causes us to respond to our own species. Antennaed creatures sense and respond to their own species and Elephant herds will walk for miles to seek out their dead and mourn. These animals don’t say seven hail mary’s and don’t speak in tongues yet they are connected to their own on a very deep level. My former religion pressed me to discount catholicism any form of yoga and the very peacful practice of Buddhism.  Their experiences of consecration and zen were viewed as ‘occult’ practices and I believed it.

Today I believe that there’s an energy to our existence that surpasses religious wrangling. To me it’s utterly scientific and therefore, probably blasphemous. If an ant can communicate via antennae and alert others in it’s structured colony to danger; how much more can we as humans effectively communicate? I believe that our brains are connected to each other in the form of higher intelligence but we’re the only species that needs a God to substantiate our existence. 

I believe that our dreams connect our subconscious to one another and can illuminate many things if we allow ourselves to set our views aside and just exist.

I’m not a hippy, I’m not a flower child. I believe in evolution and science and I find it hard to believe that in this day in age, there are so many groups whom willingly disregard facts. 

Let’s stop fighting against nature and just exist.

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