There’s No Such Thing As A Bargain Haircut

I had a very uneasy feeling as I strolled down the sidewalk and turned the corner about to enter a popular chain hair salon. I turned to Derek and said “maybe I shouldn’t do this”. He said, “you’re just getting a simple haircut, they can’t really screw that up”. With that I took a deep breath , proclaimed “dead man walking” and entered the “salon” that I’ll refer to as “duper chops”. 

As I sat down in the chair, I produced two photos of the hairstyle that I wanted. I considered these photos as insurance against any possible miscommunication. I marked the point between my collar bone and my chest with my hands to clarify the exact length that I wished for my cut to be and she seemed to get it, so I felt myself relax. How bad could it be? Before I could speak the scizzors had snipped a huge chunk of hair that was about 2″ above what I had requested. Stupified, I averted my eyes to the floor as I watched about eight inches of my locks fall around me. She forced my eyes up as she finished cutting the other side and asked me “does that look even to you?”. It didn’t. I said it didn’t and she said, “it looks even to me”. I weighed my options and thought it best not f@@@k with the girl wielding the sheers. The process was over before I knew it and I knew that she knew she’d hacked my hair. As I paid in cash, she saw that I had some small bills in my wallet and asked if I could make change for her. I did. I then paid for my cut, tipped 25%, walked out of the store and burst in to tears. In the following hours, I discovered that if I cock my head to the left, my hair almost looks even!

Hair grows back. I know this and that’s beside the point. I’m going to be wearing it up A LOT until it grows a bit. What I’m kicking myself about is the fact that I put myself in the position to relearn the fundamental lesson that there is no such thing as a bargain cut. I knew better but the temptation of saving 30 bucks outweighed my common sense. 

Here’s what I am left to ponder: Why are women like me (us) so nice in these situations? If I go to a restaurant and my order comes out wrong, I know that any number of variables can be contributing factors for the blunder. Nine times out of ten, it’s not the server’s fault because pleasing their guests’ pays their bills. These variables do not factor in when it comes to “getting your hair did”. It’s just you and the hairdresser. No middleman. No excuses. So, why do I find myself feeling bad for their mistake when it’s my head and wallet that has to pay the cost?

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Do you have a hair horror story of your own? How would you have reacted in the same situation? 

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