The love of my life

Drives me crazy.
He discards his socks in to a sweaty ball on the floor.
He tenderly kisses me as he leaves for work each morning. He always whispers “sleep, baby, sleep”.
He zones out while playing video games. He often catches himself zoning out, grabs ahold of my shoulders and pulls me in to his chest while requesting a detailed play by play of my mundane work day.
While eating red beans and rice at Popeye’s last week, he stopped me mid-chatter to tell me I have the most beautiful eyes in the world.
He takes me out for a cocktail and draws in his sketchbook the entire time.
He has no concept of time.
He has the biggest and brightest blue eyes. They’re almost too big for his face but in a beaautiful, high fashion model-esque way. I love them when they’re wet because they sparkle like Sapphires and convey so much emotion. He tears up when he sees a man cry and I do too. I tear up when I see my man cry. The vulnerability is insanely masculine to me.
He covers my eyes with his hand during scary movie scenes because he knows they’ll give me nightmares.
He opens the car door for me and locks me inside when he has to run in to a store and grab something.
He loves the beach and his wavy hair looks so cute after a day spent in the sand and salt. The ocean is his church and I’m sanctified by soaking up the sun and listening to the waves roll in while in his presence.
He’s loved me for eight years but always says he wished he’d known me longer.
The love of my life loves me back, unreservedly.

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