What Makes You You?

We have to learn to like ourselves right? I like myself (for the most part) and if you don’t like yourself…you should. After all, I’m the only me I’m ever going to be and you’re the only you you’re ever going to be. There’s always room for self reflection and growth. Growth is one thing but quirks are innate. I hope to never outgrow my quirks and I hope that you, the reader, embrace your quirks in the same way I do mine. 

Read my list and please share your own quirks. I love getting to know people in this way!

1). I do this weird thing with my face when I’m pensive. I perch my big ol’ lips and wind them to the side as if I am following their trail off of my face and to the answer that riddles me. This expression has been mirrored by loved ones. Otherwise, I’d have no clue!

2). Another pensive move I make is to point my index finger at my own nose and tap the tip just a few times. No scientific data has been gathered to prove or disprove whether or not it conjurs clear and concise decisions for any particular quandary. I imagine it’s effects to be that of a sugar pill. It soothes me and I’m quite sure I look adorable while doing it!

3). This is another face thing. This list is begining to make me feel like Kirsten Wiig without all of the movie credits and money but I’ll press on. I do a great bunny nose! It’s just this weird human trick that I discovered I’m able to do and I’ve strapped the “talent” sash on like a county fair beauty queen from a town with the population of 500. I own this trick! I’ve demonstrated it hundreds of times and then urged the ‘audience’ to replicate it. Typically, they are able to wiggle their nose from side to side but unable to perform the serious task of yo-yoing their nasal tip up and down. People come from feet around to see this feat!

4). I wink at people. Flirtatious winking is cheesy; we all know that. I’m not a middle-aged creeper man with a goatee and hair gel but sometimes I feel like I am. By that I mean I catch myself winking at people. It mainly happens when I’m around strangers and have run out of polite chit-chat. All of the sudden, I’ll begin to feel my left eyeball drying out. It begins to twitch and I try to fight the temptation to shut and open it rapidly. Try as I may, I usually come to after a minute coma, only to find that I’ve just blatantly winked at an innocent and unsuspecting stranger. It’s not a blink, it’s a full-on wink. A hot, red face is usually followed by this as I rush to exit the scene of the crime.

5). I dance my ass off. Alone. Sometimes while in the midst of getting totally down, I imagine hidden cameras and try to cool my “dance fever” with an imaginary wash cloth. That’s no fun though so I usually let my dance fever rage until I sweat it out! I’m pretty sure it scares my dog but my secret is safe with her because of the whole “dogs not being able to talk” thing. If I’m being honest, I’ve recently looked up dance moves for “Stanky Leg” and “The Dougie”. “Hey Ya” by Outkast also made itself in to the mix. Being goofy is fun and I’m a goofball.

I’ll stop with five because it’s a good start. Maybe I’ll post a second “quirks” chapter soon.

What are your quirks? I’m dying to know!


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