What are your favorite snow/cold weather memories?

We got snow here in Raleigh, North Carolina! It rarely happens and when it does everything shuts down. The snow didn’t stick but the grocery stores still looked like they’d been pillaged by looters who were only interested in milk and bread. I’ll never understand the logic behind this if your fear is a power outage. Are you planning on rubbing sticks together to build a fire that will enable you to make french toast? Some questions can’t be answered but some can. What is/are your favorite snow day/ cold weather memories?

I was born in Houston, TX where the temperature rarely dropped below 45. We got a few “snow days” off from school but even as a sub-tropical kid who had never been exposed to real snow, I knew it was silly to close a school down due to melting slush. I wasn’t arguing though! By the time we’d built our sloshy “Snow Men” their faces were already melting and they looked more sinister than jolly.

We moved to Montana when I was 10 and it was then that I realized that snow was a factor in the every day lives of a lot of the U.S. population. It’s run off was depended on by the farmers and it would not bring a halt to their productivity. I was SO cold that Winter but I embraced the snow as my playground. 

I formed a “Mush Team”. Technically it wasn’t a team because it was just one dog and technically she wasn’t an Iditarod breed as she was an English Springer Spaniel instead of a Husky or Malamute. Still, Dixie’s heart was in it and she loved nothing more than to run! I’d slip in to my pink plastic sled with Dixie at the helm and shout “Go, Dixie, Go!” She didn’t understand “mush” but she got “go”. Dixie would pull me down the hill and over the frozen creek that served as our back yard. She gracefully ascended up the hill like a gazelle, a true sportsman. She could not be worn out. She spent her days running the country side and picking up the aroma of any blooming flower. I could not wear her out. I tried to keep up but even a fit 10 year old has to know when to stop when her cheeks are burning red and  her lips are an unnatural shade of purple that Chapstick can’t remedy. With near-blue hands I would retire my sled to the barn, dust the snow off and walk Dixie in to the mudroom/ dogwalk. I was done and ready for a warm dinner. Dixie might stop for a quick bite but then she was off again. She was born in the city but had made herself a true Wolf. She came and went as she pleased. She had proven to herself that she didn’t need us. She could live off of the land. Still, she was always there in the morning to walk me to the bus stop.

What are your favorite winter/snow memories?

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