Dreams From My Childhood That I Still Leave A Light On For

As a girl I was obsessed with Horses. Ponies were for chumps and Unicorns were for psychopaths. My parents were so unreasonable about not letting a horse live in our .13 acre back yard in the middle of the Houston suburbs. Parents! We moved to Montana in the summer of 90′ and rented a house from a horse trainer named Kayla. Her horses remained on the property and she worked them regularly but we were not allowed even to pet them. In hindsight I wish I had been a more precocious child. There were so many days that they were left unattended, just begging to be ridden.
Halloween approached and I was fresh from watching/reading “Gone With The Wind” for the 20th time. Somehow I had it worked out in my mind that I would go as Scarlett in her green “Garden Dress”. Obviously, a horse and buggy would carry me from manor to manor as I did my trick-or-treating. Wouldn’t you know; the carriage did not arrive, nor did the dress. I was forced to do my trick-or-treating from a Buick in a pink Wal-Mart princess dress that I couldn’t even unveil from my puffy coat due to the cold.

Montana came and went but I still believe that one day I’ll have a horse of my very own. Do they make apartment sized horses?

I always dreamt of being a world-renowned fashion desinger. I took home-ec in 7th grade. It’s true that my teddy bear project looked not just like Frankenstein but like it was actually made by Frankenstein. Still, I like to think that one day the gift of dress making will just come to me. That’s how it works right? I’m sure my rudimentary sketching skills will magically become top-notch as well.

I wanted to be Paula Abdul. Not the 3 hit wonder singing version but the dance choreographer. I do have some rythym. I’m completely untrained but that didn’t stop me from forcing my friends to learn dance numbers that I put together. I don’t want to brag but I did win a dance competition that was set to the little number of “Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. It was in my 7th grade gym class. Jealous yet? If you hear of any choreography job openings for a slightly out of shape 33 year old who has zero experience, let me know!

My true dream is to finish my book and have it published. I’m actually putting forth effort on this front, which I hear is helpful when trying to achieve goals.

What dreams do you leave a light on for?

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