What do you like about yourself ?

We live in a world where we are bombarded with the ideal image of beauty. It is often coerced by means of near starvation and photo editing and while we are are (mostly) aware of these manipulations, we as a whole, as women, feel no less pressure to live up to the exaggerated examples of perfection.
My mother, who was voted “most beautiful” two years in a row at her high school often told me “there will always be someone smarter or prettier than you”. If that sounds negative, trust me it wasn’t. She was never comfortable with the superficial accolades and the point she was so earnestly trying to make is that beauty is fleeting and if you allow it to take over your entire identity, you’ll be lost wehen it’s run it’s course. I have to admit that these words didn’t really resonate with me in high school. I was smart enough and I got plenty of attention from boys.
Age catches up with all of us though. The things that we used to lean on, fall away and all that we’re left with is ourselves. Maybe you were Prom Queen, maybe you were the nerd that didn’t get noticed, maybe you were somewhere in between.
I have gone around my ass to get to my elbow here but there is a question. What do you like about yourself?
O.K. I’ll start.
I like my lips. Actually, I love my lips. They are big and full and have a personality all their own. To be fair, I did go through a short period right around the time the boys started hitting puberty, that I wished I could make them disappear. There were instances where they were the subject of dirty jokes and much in the same way that girls who develop their breasts early sometimes feel shame, I occasionally felt like my lips were being slutty, just by being on my face!. Luckily, the boys did grow up and I grew in to owning the coolness of my big lips!
I love my green eyes. I love them! Green eyes are actually pretty rare and although they make me sensitive to the sun, I love them. My mom had green eyes. I have 5 siblings and all of them got my dad’s haunting blue eyes. I got green! These green,sensitive eyes make me feel closer to my mother.
I am emotional. Test me! There is not a Hallmark commercial that won’t make me cry. I used to be embarrased by this. Not any more. What I used to discount as weakness, I now count as openness. I LOVE love!
I am nosy. One might say that I ask too many personal questions but they are never asked with malice in my heart. I just genuinely like to really get to know people. I am interested in what makes people tick and I like that about myself.
So: What do you like about yourself?

One thought on “What do you like about yourself ?

  1. I like my eyes, (greyish blue) and my boobs. I used to Hate my breasts from early puberty until maybe 2 years ago and I’m 35. That’s a lot of years of hating them. However my current partner has spent years making me love them. I’m a GG cup but I like them now anyways.

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