My favorite words (that aren’t curse words)

Just yesterday, I said the word tomorrow and for some reason it struck me how good the sensation of it rolling across my tongue was. NO, I was not under the influence of anything at the time. The uttering of that particular word just made me happy in that particular moment. It got me thinking about other words I could put in to the “favorites” category. Of course and as always, I would like to know yours as well. Below is my list for today. Please keep in mind that I am a pisces, so this list is subject to change if the sun goes behind a cloud for a second :).

1). Tomorrow. I will be the first to admit that this is most likely highly influenced by the passion I felt while growing up for Scarlett O’Hara and all things “Gone With The Wind”. That aside, no other word (to me) holds the power of promise quite like tomorrow. What gets me through a bad day isn’t the promise of a better next year: rather, it’s the hope that the next day’s sunrise will bring new perspective and opportunities. After all…”Tomorrow is another day”. Come on…I had to quote that!

2). Quick. Oddly, my love for this word is limited to it as used in a sentence like “I cut my fingernail to the quick”. It’s main definitions such as “Moving or functioning rapidly and energetically; speedy.Learning, thinking, or understanding with speed and dexterity; bright: a quick mind.  Perceiving or responding with speed and sensitivity; keen.Reacting immediately and sharply” hold little to no interest for me. I prefer the flesh and blood definition and will accept as an alternate the definition that begins with the word Nestle. That rabbit really knows what he’s doing!

3). Corgi. Yes, it’s a type of dog…a type of dog that I so desperately want to own (and will some day). True, you can’t use the word in a sentence like “Man, we Corgied so hard last night” or “I Corgi you” but I hope that will change some day. Stupid words work themselves in to the dictionary every year but none have the heart of a Corgi! Seriously, I invite you to take a momentary break from this article and look up a video of “Corgi’s running”. If, after that, you haven’t been won over by their long little fluffy bodies, hopping to and fro on those short little legs, you are welcome to disregard this blog entirely.

4). BED! Well, you’ve stayed with me past the Corgi thing, so I’m now convinced you have a heart…or maybe just a lot of patience. The word bed can have a lot of fun and possibly acrobatic connotations. Trust me. All of these are great in their own right but we’re keeping it clean here. For me, the feeling of slipping in to clean sheets over a plush mattress topper at the end of the day, is the epitome of luxury. Our mattress technically should have been replaced years ago but that feathery mattress topper makes it feel brand new. Throw a pillow over my head (cause that’s how I sleep) and I’m done for.

5). Sun-Shower. I very well might have gratuitously added a hyphen to make this in to one word. So be it! Different regions have their own name for this phenomenon but the basic gist is that it rains while the sun is shining. A lot of subtext can be applied here. For me, it’s the obvious. At times, it can feel like the world is deluging you with the worst it has to offer…yet hope is just on the horizon. Sappy? Probably so, but I come from a family who even in their ugliest moments, cry at Hallmark commercials. Sun Showers are the most applicable “hallmark moments” that I know.

6). Morning. Okay, maybe I’m cheating here because I already used tomorrow. Morning is just what happens after tomorrow, so I think it’s applicable. My mother (who passed away in 99′) used to drive me crazy (almost literally) with her happy-go-lucky chirping of “Good morning, it’s time to get up now”. While I was in high school, we lived in the country. It was 16 miles to town, which meant I had to get up at 5 a.m. to catch the bus that slowly wound itself through the country in order to pick up and deposit the other hicks. I can’t even describe to you how much I hated mornings, as I ‘aqua netted’ my bangs into a socially acceptable ‘front porch quaff’. Over the years though, I have grown to love those ‘coffee moments’, where it’s just me, the trusty traffic light outside my window and the occasional driver on his/her way to an early day of work.

7). Sister. This word can be used in a variety of ways but for me, it means blood. According to Yahoo.maps, we are exactly 1,395 miles/ 22 hours away from each other. Still, I know that if I laugh at something, she’d probably laugh at it too. We have a way of just making each other laugh…If no one else gets it, so be it. Infectious laughter is hard to come by and there is this certain ‘girly pitch’ that takes place only when I laugh with my sister. It’s actually, so much more girly than we really are but when it happens, everything else be damned. You can paint the room the girliest of ‘pepto bismol pink’ and we’ll laugh in it’s face. All that matters is how much we make each other laugh. Side Note: I’m a snorter.

8). LOVE. I don’t know about you but I can’t hear this word enough. *F* the term “Love ya, mean it”. I am trying not to curse, but when did this term become acceptable? If none of us are starring in the latest episode of  “Real Housewives of anywhere USA”, I’m pretty sure this term comes across as vapid and basically useless. For me, hearing the words “I Love You” from a true loved one at the end of a long day is enough to usher me in to the next day of “unknowns”.

9). Supper. I’ve had many memorable breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. I’ve even had a great linner or 3. Linners usually occur on a day that you started in on the cocktails just a wee bit early and you find yourself running out of steam at around 3 or 4 p.m. If you find yourself still wanting to “run with the big dogs”, the only viable solution is to house the biggest, greasiest plate of nachos you can get your hands on and soldier on…for the troops. All of these dining experiences can be great but none flood my heart with the warm fuzzies like Supper does. Supper is what the Pappaws, Mammaws, Nanas, Papas, Grandma and Grandpas made for us. It’s what their Grandmas and Grandpas made for them and as hard as I try, I just don’t think I’ll ever get that Chicken and Dimpling recipe down.

10). Texas. I know. I KNOW that I’m the stereotypical annoying transplanted Texan who never shuts up about how great my home state is. It’s just HOME. Which means your favorite word can be Nebraska or Arkansas or Dehli. Almost always, when I dream, I am taken back to this great watery place my family used to visit. The tranquil river is a vivid turquoise and I can see straight down to the gleaming white limestone on the bottom. I see my only-in-my-dreams-perfectly manicured toes wiggling beneath me and feel all of my cares slip away in to the beauty that surrounds me. It’s perfect. It is my Heaven. I realize I can be more equalizing by simply making this favorite word “home”. Unfortunately, I am from Texas, so a certain amount of “snottiness” courses itself through my veins. While I do love living in the great state of NC, I’d give my left arm (because I’m right handed) to find a decent Brisket or Chicken Fried Steak here.

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